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Are you looking for an experienced divorce attorney in and the greater area? If you, or a loved one, are going through a divorce we may be able to help ease the transition.

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We are effective and aggressive and will work to help you get results that you need, at affordable rates.

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Pearland divorce Attorney

A divorce can be complicated by many factors: finances, emotions, children and property. That doesn't mean the process of working with an attorney has to be complicated as well. You likely have specific questions and concerns that you want answered, and at our firm, we can get answers for you and make the legal process swift.

At the Law Office of Phillip W. Morris, we aim to minimize complications and use our knowledge of the law to gain the most favorable results for our clients. We are located in Friendswood, Texas, and we provide representation for clients with family law needs throughout Galveston, Brazoria and Harris Counties.

Need a divorce attorney? Galveston, Brazoria and Harris County, Texas, lawyer Philip Morris can help. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Pearland Divorce Lawyer Child Custody and Support Lawyer

The benefit of working with a small firm is that you will have direct contact with your lawyer, and won't get the runaround from someone else in the office. At our firm, our biggest goal is to help individuals and families get through the legal system with minimal complications and hardships. We do this by taking the time to listen to what our clients have to say and making certain we address their needs and concerns.

If children are involved, they are probably the most important factor in the divorce, and we will assist in establishing a child custody and child support plan that looks out for their best interest. Our clients are also worried about property division, preservation of assets, 401(k)s and retirement accounts. We recognize these aspects are likely important to you, and we take measures to ensure that they are preserved and protected.

Divorce lawyer Mr. Morris takes the time to explain the applicable statutes and legal processes so you know how they apply to your case. As your case evolves, you will stay continually updated, and he will provide solutions that are economical and look out for your best interest.

Mediation in Texas

Mediation is not required in the state of Texas, but most courts require it, and our clients are required to go to mediation. Nearly half of the time our clients are able to reach an agreement by going through mediation, and mediation is often the most economical solution for the dissolution of a marriage. We can guide you through the mediation process and make sure that if an agreement is reached, it looks out for your best interest. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached through mediation, Mr. Morris will vigorously fight to protect your rights at trial.

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